Scandinavian-built for the Russian Academy of Science, the Vavilov was designed to travel quietly during hydro-acoustic research. This ship is maneuverable and yet exceptionally stable, due to external stabilizers and a built-in trimming system. Akademik Sergey Vavilov has an ice-strengthened hull and a cruising speed in open water of 14.5 knots. This expedition ship is designed for polar adventure trips in Antarctica and the Arctic.

Chuck's Comments:

"The Vavilov and it's sister ship, the Ioffe, are 2 of the most advanced research vessels afloat. The Vavilov is impressive and neat as a pin,..which is refered to as 'Bristol Condition' in sailing terms. The ship is operated by one of the largest and oldest shipping companies. Polar Cruises have sailed on this ship many times and are always impressed with the service and the ship."

Ship Specifications:

Staff & Crew: 53
Guests: 110
Length: 117.04m
Breadth: 18.28 m
Draft: 6.09m
Propulsion: 5,000 KW diesel twin engine
Ice Class: KM*L1(1)A2, Canadian Type B
Cruising Speed: 14.5 knots in open water

Cabins and Amenities:

All cabins have exterior views.
Cabins have either shared, semi-private or private facilities (See deck plan).

One dining room with unreserved seating.
Theatre-style presentation room.
Lounge and bar, open late afternoon and evening with a wide selection of wines and spirits.
Library with a collection of polar-themed books.
Ship-to-shore communications via satellite.
Clinic with licensed doctor.
Gym, sauna and swimming pool.
One elevator between passenger deck levels and to the Bridge level.