Safety and Comfort

Using Lloyd’s Registry, the ship now meets the highest safety standards of modern passenger vessels.

The Plancius is equipped with all the top safety systems and operates according to the latest safety procedures. This includes new radar, communication, and other navigation equipment, as well as the most modern fire and flood prevention systems. In addition, the vessel meets the latest SOLAS (Safety of Life At Sea) standards as well as carrying a highly trained crew.

The ship has maximum maneuverability. With three diesel/electric engines, our vessel has the power to explore the farthest reaches of the Polar Regions. With both the bow and stern thrusters at its disposal, the ship has the maneuverability to get in and out of the most interesting places, safely.

Guest Comfort and Cabin Accomodations

Part of the two-year refurbishment of this vessel included the addition of substantial new super structures creating more comfortable passenger areas. Today, the Plancius emerges as one of the most modern and well-appointed expedition cruise vessels on the ocean.

All of the cabins are comfortable and well-appointed with private facilities and all lower beds (either twin or double). All cabins have ample storage facilities and a writing desk and chair, as well as a flat screen TV for viewing movies. Premium cabins are furnished with upgraded linens. A small amenity kit contains soap, shampoo and moisturizer in case you need it. All cabins have outside views through either a porthole or window.

While the staff makes every effort to conserve water, bed linens will be laundered every three days or as needed. Your friendly cabin steward will take care of that.

Dining Room

The Dining Room comfortably seats the full complement of passengers and program staff. With large windows on both the starboard and port sides, you will not miss any extraordinary sightings while enjoying the company and the food.

Breakfast and some lunches (when onboard) are buffet style, while other lunches and dinners are normally served to your seat. All meals are prepared by a team of experienced, professional chefs. You will find the food delicious and the atmosphere relaxed and informal. Dress is always informal in the dining room, but many people like to wear a sweater.

Observation Lounge/Bar and Library

From here, guests will be treated to some of the most spectacular views of their lives. Panoramic vistas from the bow, port and starboard side surround you in the observation lounge. This area serves as the ship's primary meeting place onboard. It is where you will find our well-stocked and tended bar, making the observation lounge a comfortable, friendly place to take in nature’s wonders. You can sit in one of the comfortable lounge chairs near a window and sip an evening cocktail while watching the incredible scenery go by, or you take it all in with a hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate, available 24 hours a day.

After a day of Polar exploring, many guests cannot wait to learn more about this spectacular region, making the library a popular place. It is packed with comprehensive resources on everything Polar - from the wildlife and history to geography and geology. We also have many books on landscape and wildlife photography, as well as maps and navigational charts for budding mariners. If you're looking for escapist literature, the library is stocked with a collection of novels and other fun reading for onboard bookworms.



From USD

Falkland Islands, South Georgia-Antarctic Peninsula 19 Days
Falkland Islands, South Georgia-Antarctic Peninsula 19 Days
Salida Departure: USHUAIA, 2021-01-17
Arribo Arrival: USHUAIA, 2021-02-04
19 days 14750USD
Salida Departure: USHUAIA, 2021-02-04
Arribo Arrival: USHUAIA, 2021-02-14
11 days 8050USD
Salida Departure: USHUAIA, 2021-02-14
Arribo Arrival: USHUAIA, 2021-02-25
12 days 8050USD
Salida Departure: USHUAIA, 2021-02-25
Arribo Arrival: USHUAIA, 2021-03-08
12 days 8050USD
Salida Departure: USHUAIA, 2021-03-08
Arribo Arrival: USHUAIA, 2021-03-19
12 days 8050USD
Salida Departure: USHUAIA, 2021-03-19
Arribo Arrival: USHUAIA, 2021-03-31
13 days 8050USD
Salida Departure: USHUAIA, 2021-11-23
Arribo Arrival: USHUAIA, 2021-12-12
20 days 16400USD